Hair services in Charm Beauty Lounge
Our salons, located in Deerfield Beach and West Palm Beach, FL, offer a wide range of hair services. The stylists can do anything from a simple haircut to a perfect balayage. The services they are qualified to do include keratin treatments, highlights, base color, cuts for women and children, and many more hair services.
Changing your hair color, even if it's just a shade lighter or darker, can indeed transform your look, enhance your best features, and complement your skin tone. It's important to work with expert colorists who can help you achieve the desired results, whether it's a simple root touch-up or a completely new shade you've never tried before.
Hair Coloring
Professional women’s haircuts usually start with a consultation with a hairstylist and a shampoo and conditioning treatment. After the hair is cut the beauty professional will typically style the hair using various sculpting products and/or blow the hair dry.
Our works
We can't showcase all of our fantastic work here, you can explore a treasure trove of stunning hairstyles and captivating hair colors on our Instagram page. Our dream team of five experienced hairstylists is here to turn your hair fantasies into reality!

Picture this: Your hair in their expert hands, a canvas for their creativity. Their extensive experience ensures that they won't just get the job done; they'll exceed your expectations. Come, and experience the difference at our salon. Your hair, your way, your masterpiece.
Quality Hair Products
Our seasoned stylists select high-quality products that not only enhance the look of your hair but also strengthen and nourish it, ensuring that your hair looks stunning and feels beautifully resilient.

Amazing Advice
When you choose a professional luxury hairstylist, you not only get a haircut but also access a wealth of knowledge to keep your hair stunning. They offer personalized advice and recommend top-quality products, ensuring you leave the salon looking fabulous and equipped to maintain it between visits.
In its simplest form, a blowout means the art of drying your hair after a wash into the desired style.
Flat Iron/Curl Iron
Booking a curling or flat iron add-on will give you a polished, sophisticated look after the main treatment is finished, whether you want a cascade of beautiful curls or hair that’s poker straight.
Bridal/Special Occasion
Whether you choose to wear your hair up, down, or with extensions, our Bridal and Special Occasion Services include blow drying and styling with all accessories for your prom, wedding, or evening out.
Traveling Fee (Nearest Area)
Our hairdresser can come to your place.
Women's Haircut + Blowout
A fashionable haircut can highlight the individuality of any woman.
Little Princess Haircut
Our stylists are specially trained to cut and style children’s hair.
Single Process Roots Touch-Up
If you are getting those stubborn greys or have dyed your hair it will eventually grow out, and you’ll need a root touch-up. We offer a Single Process Root Touch-Up.
Single Process Full Head
Single-process color is just what you’d imagine - a hair coloring process that can be achieved in a single step. This can be anything from an all-over permanent hair color to highlights that don’t require toning, to a hair gloss.
Toner is a post-color treatment that’s used to counteract unwanted yellow or orange tones on lightened hair.
Gloss is a semi-permanent treatment that adds tons of shine and extends the life of your color. It prevents hair color from fading, helps nix brassiness, and can be used to refresh color that’s gotten dull.
Double Process Root touch-up
At this point, you can probably guess what a double process color is — two coloring services, done in a single visit to achieve your desired outcome. This includes processes like using bleach to lighten and following with a toner or using a permanent hair color followed by a gloss or glaze.
Partial Highlights
Partial highlights are only in sections, usually placed around the face to give off a brighter, face-framing look.
Full Highlights
A full highlight involves highlighting hair in every section of your head. This could be slightly lightening all of your hair or for something more dramatic, going from brunette to blonde.
Balayage: The artistry lies in crafting natural, sun-kissed highlights and soft shadows that seamlessly blend into your hair. This technique involves the freehand application of color using a brush and paddle board to achieve a beautifully balanced, radiant look.
Foilayage is a combination of balayage with the use of foils more often seen in the traditional application of highlights to create brighter, lighter sections throughout while retaining a natural-looking finish and seamless blending.

Reverse Balayage
The AirTouch technique is unique in that it uses air, versus traditional teasing and backcombing, to achieve a seamless blend of color.
Lowlights Partial
Highlights lighten hair with strands of a lighter color while lowlights add dimension with strands of darker color.
Lowlights Full Head
This coloring technique creates a perception of depth in the hair and adds contrast.
Color Melt
Color melting is when a stylist uses three or more colors and overlaps them in a way to create a seamless blending of shades that looks like it could've naturally occurred.
Hair Extensions
based on consult.
ProAddiction is an advanced hair treatment that goes beyond traditional methods, targeting specific concerns like damage and dryness. It revitalizes hair with a unique blend of nourishing ingredients, restoring natural beauty, shine, and manageability.
Happiness For Hair by Lebel
We present an innovative program named "Happiness for Hair" – a Lebel exclusive for deep and complete restoration of damaged hair and scalp health.
Olaplex Treatment
Blowout and Blow drying

At Charm Beauty Lounge, you can experience the luxury of professional Blowout and Blow drying services. Our skilled stylists use expert techniques to create stunning hair transformations. A Blowout hairstyle involves washing, styling, and blowing out your hair for a glamorous, salon-fresh look that lasts for days. Our Blow drying services offer precision and elegance in styling your hair, leaving it smooth, shiny, and beautifully managed. Whether you're getting ready for a special event or simply want to treat yourself, our Blowout and Blow drying services will leave you feeling pampered and looking your best.

Charm Beauty Lounge not only keeps up with the latest color trends but also offers exceptional hair services, including Blowout and blow-drying services. Whether you're looking for a complete transformation or a subtle change, their skilled stylists can help you achieve your desired look while maintaining the health and vibrancy of your hair. Explore these exciting color techniques and more at Charm Beauty Lounge, where your hair's beauty and vitality are a top priority.

What is Balayage?

This technique is celebrated for its ability to create a harmonious color gradient reminiscent of the natural changes in hair color caused by the sun during the summer months. The hair retains its dark and natural shade at the roots, while the length and ends gently lighten, mimicking the effects of sunlight exposure.
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