Top 10 Haircare Mistakes

Top 10 hair-care mistakes:
1. Incorrect/lack of proper hair wash
As a result, you’ll get clogged pores in the scalp and dandruff.

2. Incorrectly selected hair care products
You might have oily roots and dry ends, colored hair - which require special care.

3. Too hot temperature when washing your head
As a result, you get oily roots.

4. Too frequent usage of blue shampoo
Your blond hair becomes dull and matte.

5. Aggressive hair brushing
It’s better to brush fragile hair with conditioner in the shower.

6. Wrong hair brush
It’s better to choose a hairbrush made from materials that don’t create static.

7. Don’t forget about leave-in products
Our hair and skin consist of creatine flakes which we should take care of. In the same way, as we apply moisturizer to dry skin, we should use leave-in products for our hair ends.

8. Sleep with wet hair
As a result, you get mold in your hair and on the pillow.

9. Sleep with loose hair

If you have blond or long hair, it’s better to make a loose braid for the nighttime.
Since while we sleep we’re moving and it causes friction and breaks the hair.

10. Refreshed ends in a timely manner
It’s very important for good-looking and healthy hair.

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