Hair Coloring Services at Charm Beauty Lounge Hair Salon

Hair coloring is no longer just a means to conceal gray hair; it's a quick way to transform your entire look. Each year, new color trends emerge, and hair coloring methods continue to evolve. The expertise of hairdressers, coupled with innovative coloring techniques, allows for stunning transformations. Let's explore some of these exciting color techniques at Charm Beauty Lounge hair salon.


Flamboyage is a unique coloring method that blends classic balayage with sombre. It imparts a delicate, luminous glow to the hair, avoiding the stark contrasts often seen with traditional balayage. This approach employs self-adhesive strips for precise color placement, all without causing damage to the hair. After a brief 30-40 minutes, the strands are rinsed with warm water, leaving you with a natural and radiant result.


This year's hottest hair color trend, Twilighting, combines traditional balayage with Babylights coloring. The outcome is a subtle, golden glow that works wonders for brunettes looking to refresh their hair color without drastic changes. However, it also complements blondes and redheads beautifully. The key benefit of Twilighting is its enduring, natural appearance that can last for several months.

Ombre Color/ Sombre

The Ombre technique remains a popular choice, thanks to its naturally blended effect. Ombre involves gradual shifts from darker to lighter shades, with the base of the head darker and the color gradually lightening towards the tips, creating a striking contrast. Sombre, on the other hand, offers a softer transition, typically transitioning from brown to light brown or dark brown to a lighter shade of brown. This gentle lightening results in hair appearing voluminous and multi-dimensional.


The Splashlight technique aims to add radiance to your hair by illuminating the middle portion around your face, often referred to as "sun-kissing." This method serves as an excellent means of contouring the face, emphasizing cheekbones, and creating optical slimming effects. Carefully chosen shades with gradual transitions from dark to light help divert attention from round cheeks or a high forehead, rendering the lighting effect utterly natural.